Friday, 19 April 2013

0 Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Free download Pc Game

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Free download Pc Game. 

Nintendo might have settled into a rather predictable rhythm with its releases over the past few years , but it has traditionally always been expert at innovating within its franchises. Nonetheless, it’s surprising that this particular sequel is the most inventive game Nintendo has made in years. It might not be as original as the first Luigi’s Mansion, but it’s so much bigger and more adventurous that it makes its inspiration look like an extended demo. It’s one of the best games on the 3DS, a loveably comedic, surprisingly varied adventure that wins over your heart with its playful characterisation and your mind with its intelligent, challenging nature.


Known as Luigi’s Mansion 2 outside of the US, Dark Moon swirls explorative puzzling together with ghost-hunting in sprawling, spooky manors stuffed to the crumbling rafters with spectres, secrets and hidden cash. Each mansion has its own visual signature, from dust-covered clocktower to overgrown garden, and over the course of all five, puzzles are almost never re-used – in twelve or so hours of single-player gameplay the concept is never stretched too thin. Bellow Download Link You can Download This game.

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